A Beach Town’s Dilemma: Protect Homes or Save the Shore?

Katharine Mach is quoted on the issues arising from the Del Mar walkable beach
July 21, 2017 - By Anne C. Mulkern, Scientific America

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Coverage: The Biological Hydraulic System on the Tuna and it's Implications for Mechanics

Barbara Block's research is cited on the use of the Tuna's lymphatic system to control its dorsal and anal fins to navigate the sea.
July 20, 2017 - By , The Wire, Live Science, Motherboard, Daily Mail & Science News

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Bringing the Plight of Coral Reefs to Our Screens

Stephen Palumbi is quoted on coral bleaching and its effects calling it "one of the chief footprints of climate change."
July 19, 2017 - By Ramin Skibba, Inside Science

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Plastic to be phased out at major American aquariums

As some of our nation's top aquarium's begin the process of fazing out the use of plastic products Jeff Koseff, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University who studies plastics in the ocean, believes the campaign "could make a difference" and that this program is "really about our future on this planet."
July 10, 2017 - By Paul Rogers, The Mercury News

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Greenland's summer ocean bloom likely fueled by iron

Kevin Arrigo is quoted on his study on what might be driving the ocean summer bloom in Greenland
July 5, 2017 - By Ker Than, Phys Org

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Flu, asteroids pose more danger to humans than sharks, experts say

Study by co-author Fiorenza Micheli is cited, explaining the low risks of shark attacks
June 25, 2017 - By The Associated Press, Newsday

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DNA left by ocean animals provides rare glimpse of marine ecosystems

Cites Alexandria Boehm comments on the future of eDNA
June 14, 2017 - By Rob Jordan, Phys.org

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How The Biggest Animal On Earth Got So Big

Jeremy Goldbogen study is cited in link between whale size and ocean dynamics 
May 23, 2017 - By Madeline K. Sofia , NPR

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How Virtual Reality Tech Will Help The Environment

Jeremy Bailenson, professor of communication at Stanford University uses VR technology as a way to explain ocean acidification and create an urgency to act
May 9, 2017 - By Robert Bright, The Huffington Post

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The Grub Hunter: Seafood bait and switch runs rampant

Mentions work by Steve Palumbi to test veracity of seafood labelling.
April 25, 2017 - By Mike Hale, Monterey Herald

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Five myths about oceans

Op-ed coauthored by Steve Palumbi examines myths and mysteries of the sea.
April 21, 2017 - By Steve and Anthony Palumbi , Washington Post

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Watch: Virtual Reality Film The Crystal Reef Helps Kids Understand the Impacts of Climate Change

Features virtual reality project developed with funding from Woods' Environmental Venture Projects program.
April 12, 2017 - By , Time

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VR Experience From Stanford Shows How We’re Killing Our Coral Reefs

Profile of Woods-funded ocean acidification virtual reality experience.
March 19, 2017 - By Alice Bonasio, Upload

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Under the sea, ecosystems are preparing for climate change

Giulio De Leo discusses resilient ocean ecosystems.
February 13, 2017 - By Kavya Balaraman, E&E News

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Starfish larvae create complex water whorls to eat and run

Cites Study by Manu Prakash on starfish larva and their "feed-versus-speed mechanism."
December 19, 2016 - By Tom Abate, phys.org

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Kelp Could Be One of the Lone Sea Plant Survivors of Climate Change

Fiorenza Micheli discusses surprising findings about kelp's ability to withstand stressors such as climate change.
November 14, 2016 - By Katharine Gammon, Takepart

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Can Stanford’s Deep Dive Into Virtual Reality Help Save the Oceans?

Review of Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience, a virtual reality science education tool developed in the lab of Senior Fellow Jeremy Bailenson (Communication).
October 19, 2016 - By Tekla S. Perry, IEEE Spectrum

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To Save the Planet, First Put On a VR Headset

Discusses study co-authored by Jeremy Bailenson showing that virtual reality simulations caused a greater sense of empathy than a similar video-only experience.
October 3, 2016 - By Jamie Condliffe, MIT Technology Review

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Using Virtual Reality to Avoid Catastrophe

Profile of work in lab of Senior Fellow Jeremy Bailenson (Communication) to use virtual reality as an environmental behavior change tool.
September 23, 2016 - By Marlene Cimons, Popular Science

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